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Hi! My name is Toby Einhorn.

I am fully committed to finding your basherte (Yiddish for soulmate) and to help you to create a wonderful, healthy and happy marriage.

I am energized and excited to give you the knowledge, skills and the tools of dating and marriage coaching which will help you to identify the best person for you and to journey together to your own happily ever after! I believe whole-heartedly in the MAGIC of coaching to turn a bad marriage good, an OK marriage better, and a good marriage into an awesome one!

I was born and raised in America, and made Aliyah to Israel when I met and married my basherte. On our first date, my husband promised me that life together with him would be a great adventure, and thank G-d it has been! We have travelled the world together with our five children, and served in Jewish leadership positions on almost every continent.

I have a first degree in Jewish Studies and Philosophy and a Masters in Bible, and have been involved in Jewish education and leadership for over 25 years. I have been making matches for as long as I can remember, as my mother is a well-known New York matchmaker, and I helped her set up my 5th grade science teacher! I have always loved guiding people in their relationships and was formally trained as a life coach in 2009. Mazel Toby! was born out of a love for a holistic helping experience. My dream is to take people from HELLO until FOREVER: to set them up, coach them to the chuppah, and coach them to their own happily ever after marriage.
Mazel Toby!


About Me

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