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Are you tired of being alone? Sick of dating apps and well-meaning aunts? Are you ready for your own fairytale ending? Come meet with me, Toby Einhorn, and I will listen closely to what you're looking for in a partner, so that I can search for your true soulmate.

You'll benefit from my extensive database of high-quality men and women whom I have personally met with and vetted just for you.

I'll work tirelessly in conjunction with other matchmakers across the world to find the right match for you, and I won't rest until you are under the chuppah! Mazel Toby!

Matchmaking takes place in person in Israel or online.

Dating Coaching

Contact Toby

Do you feel stuck in your dating life? Did you start dating someone but you're not sure that he's THE ONE? Are you ready to switch your relationship status from Dating to MARRIED? You've come to the right place! My name is Toby Einhorn and I am an experienced dating coach. With dating coaching you'll quickly identify the issues that you've been struggling with, and discover techniques that will help you resolve them.

You'll gain the skills and knowledge you need to get to the chuppah speedily and with the right person! Mazel Toby!

Dating Coaching takes place in person in Israel or online. You can come to the sessions alone or with your significant other


Marriage Coaching

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Do you feel anxious about the future of your marriage? Do you often feel lonely, confused, misunderstood, unloved or underappreciated? Are you ready to create a stronger, happier marriage? You are ready for marriage coaching!

Marriage Coaching will give you the skills, knowledge and tools to help your marriage grow. You will quickly learn to identify the weak spots in your relationship and make the necessary adjustments to build a happy, exciting, healthy marriage. Mazel Toby!

Marriage Coaching takes place in person in Israel or online. Marriage Coaching is effective alone or together with your spouse.

Hi! My name is Toby Einhorn.

I am fully committed to finding your basherte (Yiddish for soulmate) and to help you to create a wonderful, healthy and happy marriage.

I am energized and excited to give you the knowledge, skills and the tools of dating and marriage coaching which will help you to identify the best person for you and to journey together to your own happily ever after! I believe whole-heartedly in the MAGIC of coaching to turn a bad marriage good, an OK marriage better, and a good marriage into an awesome one!

I was born and raised in America, and made Aliyah to Israel when I met and married my basherte. On our first date, my husband promised me that life together with him would be a great adventure, and thank G-d it has been! We have travelled the world together with our five children, and served in Jewish leadership positions on almost every continent. Read More

Work With Me!


Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make Me a Match

Meet with me in order for me to get to know you personally and become part of my extensive database. After your initial one-hour session, I will set you up until you meet your soulmate! (Hopefully on the first try!!)

This package is for all Jews across the spectrum regardless of age, location, religious observance or status.

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350 shekel/$100 USD for session and inclusion in database | 3500 shekel/$1000 USD upon your engagement. | All sessions in person in Israel.



Laser Coaching for Dating / Marriage

Let me help you identify what's bothering you—what's getting between where you are and where you want to be.

Get a boost of clarity in 90 minutes!

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Single session: 1.5 hours 425 shekel/ $120 USD
Sessions take place in person in Israel or online.

Dating / Marriage


How do I find the Right Mr. Right?

"I never seem to get set up, and if I do then it's with someone totally off-base. I feel stuck in the dating mode and I can't find my special someone."

Is this you?Come for 6 or 12 sessions of dating coaching so that you can get crystal clear on what you're looking for, discover how to express your best self to attract the right partner, and marry your Mr Right! Men looking for their Mrs Right are also welcome here!

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6 session package 1650 shekel / $475 USD12 session package 2950 shekel / $845 USD |  Fee per session 300 shekel/ $85 USD | All sessions in person in Israel or online. Each session is 60 minutes.



I'm Dating Someone but I'm Not Sure He's the One

Did you meet a nice guy, but you're not sure he's marriage material? Do you feel stuck in Dating Mode and can't move to commit or break-up?

Come for a 3-session dating package and get clear on your next move!

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3 session package 800 shekel/$230 USD Fee per session 300 shekel/ $85 USD All sessions in person in Israel or online. Each session is 60 minutes.


"I broke up a year ago, but I still can't get this guy out of my head! I'm dating other people, but I keep comparing every new guy to him. I'm still crying because of my past relationship; how can I ever love again?"

Come for a 2-session coaching package to learn how to move forward.

Achy Breaky Heart


2 session package 500 shekel/$145 USD

Fee per session 300 shekel/ $85 USD

All sessions in person in Israel or online. Each session is 60 minutes.

Give yourself or your loved one the best engagement present- a real investment in the most important part of the wedding—the dress!Just Joking…  The MARRIAGE!

The best medicine is preventative medicine- prevent problems BEFORE they occur!

Come alone or with your fiancé to learn the skills, tools and knowledge necessary for a wonderful, happy and healthy marriage!

Mazel Toby! You're Engaged!


6 session package 1650 shekel/$475 USD12 session package 2950 shekel/$845 USDFee per session 300 shekel/ $85 USD
All sessions in person in Israel or online. Each session is 60 minutes.

Everyone is still wishing you a mazel tov and sending you selfies from your wedding, but you are feeling anxious, confused, upset.Is this what you signed up for? Didn't they promise us happily ever after?

Come for marriage coaching alone or with your spouse to learn the skills, knowledge and tools to have a happy and healthy happily ever after!



6 session package 1650 shekel/ $475 USD12 session package 2950 shekel/ $845 USDFee per session 300 shekel/ $85 USD
All sessions in person in Israel or online. Each session is 60 minutes.