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Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make Me a Match



Meet with me in order for me to get to know you personally and become part of my extensive database. After your initial one-hour session, I will set you up until you meet your soulmate! (Hopefully on the first try!!)

Laser Coaching for Dating / Marriage


Dating / Marriage

Let me help you identify what's bothering you—what's getting between where you are and where you want to be.


Get a boost of clarity in 90 minutes!

How do I find the right Mr. Right?



"I never seem to get set up, and if I do then it's with someone totally off-base. I feel stuck in the dating mode and I can't find my special someone."


Is this you? Come for 12 sessions of dating coaching so that you can get crystal clear on what you're looking for, discover how to express your best self to attract the right partner, and marry your Mr Right! Men looking for their Mrs. Right are also welcome here!

I'm dating someone but I'm not sure He's the One



Did you meet a nice guy, but you're not sure he's marriage material? Do you feel stuck in Dating Mode and can't move to commit or break-up?


Come for a 3-session dating package and get clear on your next move!


Achy Breaky Heart



"I broke up a year ago, but I still can't get this guy out of my head! I'm dating other people, but I keep comparing every new guy to him. I'm still crying because of my past relationship; how can I ever love again?"


Come for a 2-session coaching package to learn how to move forward.

Mazel Toby! You're Engaged!



Give yourself or your loved one the best engagement presents- a real investment in the most important part of the wedding—the dress! Just Joking…  The MARRIAGE!

The best medicine is preventative medicine- prevent problems BEFORE they occur!

Come alone or with your fiancé to learn the skills, tools and knowledge necessary for a wonderful, happy and healthy marriage!

Marriage Foundations



Everyone is still wishing you a mazel tov and sending you selfies from your wedding, but you are feeling anxious, confused, upset. Is this what you signed up for? Didn't they promise us happily ever after?

Come for marriage coaching alone or with your spouse to learn the skills, knowledge and tools to have a happy and healthy happily ever after!

The OK to Awesome Marriage Upgrade



You got married, had a couple of great kids and now you take a look at your partner and you are not sure that he's the One!


What can you do? Often you feel lonely, frustrated, sad or confused. You feel misunderstood, and sometimes unloved. It often feels like you are on 2 different wavelengths.


Come alone or with your spouse to gain the skills, tools and knowledge to take your OK marriage to AWESOME!

It's never too late to reignite your love



You have been married for many years and actually you were never sure that he was THE ONE. You are living together, but actually often living separate lives. You are technically not alone, but life is lonely.

Can you reclaim some of the magic in a marriage that was once great? Can you put some MAGIC in a marriage that never really had any?

Come alone or together with your spouse for some magical marriage coaching!

Writing your beautiful second chapter



"Can I find my soulmate twice in one lifetime?"

"Will I ever get over the pain of my divorce and be open to trust and love again?"

"How can we blend our two families?"


Come alone or together with your partner so you can deal with the past in a way that helps you create your joyful future.

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